In 2020 I plan to circumnavigate the world in 110 days, Leaving 10 days for air- and ferry travel, with some spare days if something would happen. If all goes to plan, I will take a new female World Record for circumnavigating the world by bike. I want to do it as unsupported as possible.

An ambitious goal, but not impossible!

300 km per day for 100 days

Across 14 countries over 4 continents


Since the winter of 2018 I have been training and chipping away at what needs to be done so I can set myself up for success. In this space you will find the details of the planning and preparing as it progresses over the coming year of 2019, until the start in 2020.

The preliminary plan is to set out mid May and the start and finish location will be in Europe, but is yet to be determined.

With this mountain of a goal, I want to highlight topics around environmental awareness, mental health and also to inspire greater inclusion.