ECMC 2018 (1000 km)
I had been looking forward to this ride, down to the European Bike Messenger Championship in Szcezcin, Poland, for a very long time! The route was to ride through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and lastly, Poland. There where a few ferries to catch too.

We covered around 200 km for 5 days. Sleeping on football fields, harbors and by the beach. The summer was warmer than usual and the summer sleepings where even too warm. Moods where tested, bodies strained but we pushed through. Unfortunatly we lost a comrade in Rostock who had to turn back home.

For 5 days the itinerary was packed with critical mass, alleycats, concerts, kareoke, trackday, the Main messenger race, parties, food, beer, cobblestone hill comp., trackstand and loads of shenanigans. It was hard to keep up! I didn’t even qualify in the Main Race but it was fascinating watching the veterans and how everyone approached the track and task. I did take away the title of womens Goldsprint champion, hah. But the best thing of all was that we met some supernice ’collegues’ whom we got to share experiences with.

You can see more our ride here.