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Since 2016 I have worked as bicycle courier in Oslo. It started out as a side job beside my design studies. After graduating I could not let it go and it became my main job. It was my gateway into everything cyclerelated.
Everyday on my bicycle offers me something new and exciting. The flow and dynamic of cycling the same streets in different seasons is both hard and fun, but mostly rewarding. We become observers of the city and the lifestyle is hard to beat, if you are a dreamer and a freelancer.

Over the years I have documented the city and it's nooks and crannys. Most can be found on my Strava or here.

Through the courier job I came in touch with other cycle enthusiasts who taught me most of what I know. Together we  kickstarted RIDERS CLUB NORWAY , an inclusive cycling community in Norway created by working riders in Oslo.

We host events like alleycats, group rides and bike tinkering days. We want to spread cycle culture to everyone, since we are cycling for a living and have alot of knowledge and passion.

Together with some other courier collegues, we created a union for working cyclists. Because we want the courier job to become a sustainable and respected trade. With the gig businessmodel it has been easy to exploit and not fully establish our work. Through the Transportworkers Union in Oslo, we have sat down and written the first Collective Bargaining Agreement for Working Cyclists in Norway (maybe even the world). We are currently negotiating with the company that has employed us, on our working rights. Hoping this will become a stepping stone for the comeback of the courier as a delivery and transport service on a broader spectrum.

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