DIGGIN' DEEP 2018 (672 km)

I had decided to meet a friend in Copenhagen in June. Why not ride down there? Emanuel tagged along on his fixie, making a conversation we had had during a winterride in 2017, a reality.

We set out before the buttcrack of dawn during an unusually warm june night. The morning turned into day and thats when the headwinds started. I had finally gotten myself a pair of SPD bikeshoes, but I still had to learn the hard way of having the right equipment and bikefit. Hip and achilles heels was burning with pain. Wearing a shitty mens chami. 

We 'only' cycled right under 200km the first day, and camped out in a small town with only one grocery store and a closed restaurant. Bummed out, we decided to sleep a few hours and head out in the night towards Gothenburg, where I got a new saddle and clothing. Emanuel adjusted my seatposition and after a few kms the pain was gone.

In Gothenburg it was 480 km left and we said 'fuck it, let's just burn through it'.

It was the first experience of really digging deep, when fatigued and deprived of sleep. We took naps here and there, so we wouldn't fall asleep on the wheel. We rode along the coast, through the night, warm tailwinds and straights.

Rerouting into the Skåne woods the next morning and finishing the ride into Malmö, just letting the pedals do the work.