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//   Boardmember of NDSF 2015-2018

        Norwegian Downhill Skateboarding Organisation

//   LGC Norway Ambassador 2014-2018
        Norwegian Ambassador for Longboard Girls Crew, the biggest
        female longboard community in the world. A plattform and

        supporter of exposing females in actionsports. Wrote articles and            promoted the platform via social media.

//   Longboard Initiativet 2018
        Held skate clinics in Oslo, for women to increase female

       participation in the Norwegian scene. Funded and organized for 7           women to attend and race in the Norwegian Cup Ekstremsportveko         in Voss. The highest participant of women ever.

        Funding came from the OneCall Stipend I won in 2017. at

        Ekstremsportveko 2016.

//   TMI Skateboarding 2015-2016
       Part of the team behind Norways leading race event organizer

       in downhill skateboarding. We organized the 2015 World Cup in

       downhill skateboarding in Lillehammer, amongst many other races.

//   Skate Instructor for Oslo Sidelengs Brettklubb

       One of the main instructors for Oslo Sidelengs Brettklubb, an

        iniative from the Norwegian Snowboard Organisation. 
Teaching people of all ages the basics of longboarding, once a

        week during the spring/summer/autumn season.


//   Norwegian Womens Champion  2017

//   Elected Norwegian Female Skater of the Year in both 2014             and 2015

//  Norwegian Cup Womens Winner  2015 and 2016

//   2nd place in Norwegian Cup 2014

//   Competed in both national and international competitions
Ranked in the IDF Worldcup, in both Womens and Open 




//   Skate Instructor for Asker Freestyle & Snowboard

One of the main instructors teaching members of Asker Freestyle

        and Snowboard in the basics of longboarding, once a week..

//   Skateboarder for KIWI minipris TV commercial

Shot a commercial in Lom together KIWI minipris, where we skated

        down hills and ate Poke Bowls

//   Skateboarder for OneCall Mobil Social Media commercial

Shot a commercial during Ekstremsportveko in Voss, together with

        OneCall to promote a t-shirt with integrated pocket.

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