Currently based out of Oslo, Norway, roaming the streets as a bike courier since 2016.

Growing up in Sweden to parents with South- and North American descent. The constant sense of wanting to roam and explore has probably come from growing up with a multicultural background, travelling with my family and having a curious personality.

Before becoming obsessed with riding bikes I spent most of my free time bombing hills on four wheels. I used to teach longboarding basics twice a week to kids and grown ups in 2015 and 2016. Competing in races from 2014, both internationally and nationally in Norway. In 2017 I became Norwegian Champion in Downhill Skateboarding.

Getting into cycling felt like a natural progression from skating and both have taught me many things about myself.

In 2018 me and some friends started bikepacking. The idea of travelling light and fast, experiencing countries from a saddle is thrilling. When you are pushing your limits by stripping down everything to basics and still being able to travel vast amounts of miles, something happens to you. It's a certain kind suffering that opens up new sides of yourself and the world around you. Just as you have stripped down on your gear you strip yourself down, teaching you of how little you need to feel alive and well. You are vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

Inspired by Jenny Graham's and Vedangi Kulkarni's attempts to beat the female world record of circumnavigating the world. I thought to myself, why couldn't I do that? 

Most of the things I have started doing in my life have been because of other women. I started skating because I saw a video of a girl longboarding down a hill. I mustered up the courage to apply for the courier job after I saw a woman on the streeton a bicycle with a courier bag. Having rolemodels who you can relate to are incredibly important.